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Beyond the Comfort Zone

Helping Your Life Work

Volume 8, Issue 1

January, 2012

While it is still too early to tell how the year 2012 will distinguish itself from past years, it is the ideal time for us to be proactive about how we would like it to turn out. We may be celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary that will inevitably make 2012 special. But can we think of ways to make this year a better one than last? Is there a bucket list written somewhere that we can dig out and start to check off? Is 2012 the year we step outside of our comfort zone and do something that may feel a little scary or risky, but that will make us proud for having done it?

If, for example, we have been thinking of asking someone out on a date, let’s consider how missing the opportunity could be a lot worse than taking the risk to ask. If we have always thought of ourselves as incapable of learning math or foreign languages, why don’t we give it another try? If we have always wanted to travel to some exotic country, let’s start saving our money and planning our route. If our creative skills have been lying dormant, we could consider signing up for an art or music or writing class or simply buy a sketchpad, an instrument or a writing journal and see where they lead us.

What about putting an end to tolerating the status quo? If, for example, we chronically feel tired, let’s focus on finding solutions (other than increasing our caffeine intake) to feel more energetic (e.g. exercise, change of diet, going to bed earlier). Or we may be suffering silently in a job that we hate. Even if the timing isn’t right to leave this year, we can still start planning our exit strategy for next. If, for example, we need to upgrade our skills to become more marketable, we can sign up for courses at our local college. If our resume hasn’t been updated in 20 years, what are we waiting for? We could also join or start a networking group that can provide us with ideas, direction as well as emotional support.

And what about thinking differently this year? If our thoughts about ourselves have kept us back from trying new things or thinking well of ourselves, is 2012 the year that we can start to change our negative thoughts and views about ourselves? Can this year be the one we start treating ourselves as well as we do those that we cherish? If we have been battling low self-esteem for many years, isn’t it time to accept ourselves for all that we are, strengths, weaknesses and all.  

If you would like some help with any of the above, please give me a call. If you would like to feel better about yourself, please consider participating in my upcoming group, “Enhancing Self-Esteem,” running from February 6th- April 9th, 2012.

Barbara Fish, M.Ed.
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“Helping Your Life Work”

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