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Helping Your Life Work

Volume 9, Issue 11

November 2013

Dear Reader,

This month, my guest columnist is Linda Novick, a friend and colleague for more than twenty years. Linda is dually certified as a Rubenfeld Synergist and a Registered Massage Therapist, and serves as both a practitioner and an educator. As a hands-on practitioner, she uses touch as a fundamental, powerful way of making meaningful contact, both within oneself and with others. As an educator, she believes that the most profound learning occurs in an environment where the student’s own journey of exploration and discovery is supported and gently guided. Her ability to be deeply present, her life experiences, education and communication skills are some of the qualities which support gentle, quick and direct access by clients to the wealth of knowledge that is contained within.

The growing popularity of meditation and yoga is a response to the increasingly fast pace of our lives, the many responsibilities and demands on our time, and to being swept along with the cultural movement toward doing more and more. The result of this is that many of us spend a large portion of our daily lives being very busy and stressed. A lower priority is placed on re-charging our batteries with sufficient and restful sleep, nourishing food, doing things that we love to do, and allowing ourselves to truly relax, thus counteracting the effects of daily stress.

Our minds, bodies and spirits suffer from large amounts of “doing” and much smaller amounts of “being”. We keep hearing that health and happiness come from living a balanced life, but to get there where do we begin? How can we make an intervention in the cycle of perpetual doing? A lovely way of stepping in is to allow ourselves to receive the gifts of touch. It is a gentle and profound intervention that gives us the opportunity to tune in to our bodies and, by paying attention, experience the metaphorical lifting off of the burdens that keep us “at tension.” Changing the body changes the mind and the spirit. Each influences the other.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method is an approach to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health which combines gentle touch with movement and dialogue. The technique enhances our self-awareness and understanding, addresses tension and pain, and provides an opportunity to alter dysfunctional patterns of posture and movement.

The job of a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist is to guide us into more relationship with our body, to enhance communication. Carried in the cells of the tissues of our bodies is a subconscious record of the events in our lives and our responses to them. When we focus inward, our bodies will begin to share their stories. By listening deeply, we can encourage our body to educate us about ourselves. Touch, movement and dialogue help us to discover our own stories and to learn to understand the meaning of the messages being brought to our attention via our discomfort and pain. By gaining more comfort and connection with/in our body, we will move through our lives, especially in times of stress, with more ease.

Barbara Fish, M.Ed.
Personal and Career Counsellor
“Helping Your Life Work”

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