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Aptitude Assessment

“The fundamental human drive is … the need to grow and to realize one’s full potential.” Betty Friedan

When considering a career change or a return to school, completing an aptitude and achievement assessment can go a long way to helping you clarify your choices. Aptitude tests can predict your success in a particular career path or course of study. They are based on results that link your capacity to learn a particular activity to your ability to perform well in certain careers. Achievement tests, on the other hand, measure the basic skills you already possess and the knowledge you already have. They help you determine whether you need to improve your skills or increase your knowledge before undertaking a career or academic change.

You may have the interest and the personality type for a particular career or program of study, but if you don’t have the innate ability to learn the activities associated with the job or the skills to perform it, then studying the program or working in the field may prove an uphill battle. This is not to suggest that you should abandon your plan if you really want it. However, knowing what to expect can help you better prepare for it.

If you have had a history of academic difficulties in the past, if you are staying in a dead-end job because you don’t know whether you could do another or if you are wondering whether you have the talents to succeed in a particular area, think about how an aptitude/achievement assessment can help you realize your potential.

An Aptitude/Achievement Assessment helps you to:

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