Helping Your Life Work
November 1, 2005
Volume 1, Issue 3

November Blues

As the weather becomes colder and damper and many of us begin to retreat to our respective cocoons, I thought about ways that we could maintain our activity during what many of us consider the dreaded months ahead. Here’s one idea.

November is a particularly bleak month. Unless you celebrate a birthday or anniversary or are a Harry Potter fan, there is not much to celebrate during this month. That’s why I have appointed myself the official proclaimer of November as “Do It Now” month. I declare this to be the month that we do what we have been putting off.

If you have been planning on updating a scrapbook or photo album, November is the time to do it. If you have been thinking of organizing your files, clearing off your desk, cleaning out the garage, there is no better time for it. If you’ve been meaning to spend more time with the family, now’s your chance. If you’ve been considering starting a journal, start writing. If that book on your night table is gathering dust, read it already! Whatever you have had lurking in the back of your mind, bring it forward and “just do it”.

While there is much merit to setting goals (fodder for a future column), in this instance I’d like to suggest: “Don’t over think it; just make time for it.” Permit yourself the luxury and the satisfaction of checking it off your list of things to do. So by the end of the month, we will all have something to celebrate.

Have A Noteworthy November!

P.S. Thank you to those who have responded to previous CareerActive newsletters. I look forward this month to hearing about your experiences of “doing it now.” If you care to share your accomplishment with my readership, just give me your permission. No need to share your name if you prefer not to; you can just sign with your initials.

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